Soldier Injured as Army Seizes Drugs in Hermel

A soldier and a fugitive were injured Wednesday as an army patrol foiled a drug deal in the northern Bekaa region of Hermel.

The patrol detected "a suspicious Hyundai car that frequents the Bowaida area in Hermel,” an army statement said.

As troops were monitoring the vehicle, a pickup truck without license plates arrived on the scene “and a man called Ali Allaw stepped out of it and got into the Hyundai car,” the army added.

At that point, soldiers tried to arrest the two drivers, which prompted Allaw to try to escape in the pickup truck after opening fire at the patrol members.

Troops “responded in kind, hitting one of the vehicle's tires, which made it flip over and resulted in the injury and escape of Allaw before he was eventually arrested,” the army added.

“The driver of the Hyundai, Rabih Ajjaj, was also captured and the 500 grams of hashish that he bought from Allaw were seized in his possession,” the military said.

A soldier was lightly wounded in the operation.

The army has been implementing a security plan in the Bekaa since April, but several obstacles have hindered it according to the interior minister.



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