Qassem: Dialogue Prepares Suitable Ground to Combat Terrorism

Hizbullah deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem welcomed on Wednesday the dialogue between the Mustaqbal Movement and Hizbullah, hoping that it will lead to solutions to pending problems.

He said: “Dialogue prepares the ground for a joint battle against terrorism that has become a threat to all.”

“All sides, without exception, must become aware of this danger,” he demanded.

“The dialogue is a part of political and social security and it will help put an end to sectarian tensions and incitement,” Qassem remarked.

The Hizbullah official noted however that transparent dialogue could lead to solutions to some issues, but keep others unresolved.

“We have long called for dialogue that would lead to appropriate solutions instead of remaining in a state of pointless incitement,” he added.

The Mustaqbal Movement and Hizbullah kicked off on Tuesday under Speaker Nabih Berri's sponsorship.

The gatherers stated after the meeting that they are prepared for “serious and responsible talks over various issues.”

They also emphasized that the dialogue is not aimed at creating a new political alignment in the country.


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