Saudi Arabia Prohibits Import of Spoiled Thyme from Dahieh Producer

Saudi Arabia prohibited the import of a large quantity of thyme from a producer located in Beirut's southern suburbs of Dahieh because the product did not meet food safety standards, reported the National News Agency on Monday.

It said that inspectors from the Health and Economy Ministries inspected Adonis Spices factory in al-Rihab area in Dahieh.

The officials confiscated all the products at the facility, taking new samples for testing.

The producer had previously attempted to sell 24 tons of thyme to Saudi Arabia, but the kingdom had rejected it, said NNA.

The product was returned to Lebanon and sold in the local market.

The Health Ministry inquired about the development, especially since the thyme had been subject to two tests and both times the product was found to have violated food safety standards.

Earlier on Monday, health inspectors in the southern city of Tyre shut a grain warehouse in Center Bitar, which is owned by Hilal Bitar.

They discovered around 15 tons of ground beans that were infested with weevils.

Samples of the grains were taken for testing in order for a final decision in the case to be taken.

Health Minister Wael Abou Faour had launched in October a food safety campaign aimed at cracking down on a number of violating institutions.

His efforts have led to the closure of several restaurants, slaughterhouses, and warehouses.



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