Health Inspectors Seal with Red Wax Three Butcheries in Zahle

Inspectors from the ministry of health sealed with red wax three butcheries in central Bekaa for failing to acquire the minimum health standards, the state-run National News Agency reported on Friday.

Two butcheries in al-Fayda area in the eastern city of Zahle were raided by the inspectors, who decided to shut them down after issuing several warnings for their owners to rectify the conditions of their butcheries.

NNA said that the owners of Louize and Dahouk butcheries were warned several times before the health ministry was compelled to shut it down.

Another snack known as “Malek al-Farrouj” was closed.

The news agency also said that the Bekaa butchery was ordered to close as the owners, who were warned three times before, were breeding and raising birds.

Health inspectors also issued a warrant against al-Mukhtar butchery in the same area for not acquiring a legal license, failing to commit to the personnel hygiene standards and storing meat and sausages without an expiry date.

Another written warning was issued against Abou Tarek butchery as the owners are compelled to request a license to open their butchery. The health inspectors also destroyed the foodstuffs in the butchery for lacking the health standards and the spices for not having an expiry date.

The inspectors later issued a fine against Fadi Restaurant after locating spoiled chicken.

LBCI television later reported that Health Ministry inspectors seized a quantity of spoiled cheese from Coop supermarket in Beirut's Hamra neighborhood.

It said that the cheese was spoiled even though its label showed the correct expiry date.

Health Minister Wael Abou Faour had kicked off in October a food safety campaign aimed at cracking down on violators and improving health standards in Lebanon.

A number of restaurants, slaughterhouses, and warehouses have been shut down due to their violations, while others have sought to meet the ministry's conditions.

On Thursday, Governor of Beirut Ziad Shebib ordered the closure of the fish market in Karantina for not meeting health standards, three months after he gave similar instructions to shut the slaughterhouse in the same area for renovations.



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