Ten Lebanese, Palestinians Charged with Planning to Attack Army, UNIFIL

The military court sentenced on Tuesday ten Lebanese and Palestinians to several years of hard labor for planning to target the Lebanese army and United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon.

They were also accused of belonging to a terrorism group, attacking civil and military institutions, and possessing arms and explosives that they used to terrorize people and attack UNIFIL.

Lebanese Mohammed Assi Shouman and Muheiddine Tarha were sentenced to one year in jail, while Ibrahim Moussa al-Bunni was sentenced to three years.

Palestinians Fadi Ibrahim, also known as “al-Sikmo”, was sentenced to seven years hard labor, Mohammed Ibrahim Midlawi and Jamaleddine Qomboz three years, and Maher Hussein al-Saadi five years.

Fugitives Zein al-Abidine Khalil and Hasan Youssef Naufal were sentenced to life in prison with hard labor.

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