Three Injured in Copenhagen Gang Shooting

Two groups linked to criminal gangs opened fire in a shopping mall in suburban Copenhagen on Wednesday, injuring three people, police said.

"Everything indicates that two gang-related groups have clashed inside the shopping center," Copenhagen police said in a statement.

"It culminated in the basement parking area where a further, still unknown number of shots were fired," it added.

The three people were injured after being shot or stabbed at the Field's center near the Copenhagen airport, it said.

Copenhagen is on edge after a gunman killed two people in twin attacks last month.

Omar El-Hussein, a 22-year-old Dane of Palestinian origin, killed a filmmaker outside a cultural center hosting a seminar on free speech and Islam, and went on to kill an unarmed Jewish security guard outside a synagogue.

El-Hussein was shot dead by police in a pre-dawn shootout.

Source: Agence France Presse

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