Report: Wife of Parliament Guard is Mossad Agent

A guard at the Lebanese parliament, who has been recently arrested for suspected ties with Israel, was proved to be innocent but investigators found links between his wife and the Mossad, al-Joumhouria newspaper reported on Thursday.

The unidentified guard was apprehended several weeks ago after police raided his house and took two laptops that belong to him and his wife, it said.

But investigators found out that the unidentified officer was not a suspect and instead discovered that the Mossad had recruited his wife around four years ago and tasked her with photographing buildings and institutions that lie near the parliament in downtown Beirut, al-Joumhouria said.

The suspected spy was recruited through social media networks and payed a small sum of money. She is facing trial.

The daily quoted security sources as saying that the Mossad's real intention behind its collaboration with the woman was to reach her husband.

Scores of suspected spies, including a butcher, a mobile phone salesman and a retired general, had been detained in recent years as part of a long-running probe by Lebanese intelligence into Israeli sleeper cells.

Three months ago, Hizbullah detained a senior party official it accused of spying for Israel and sabotaging security operations abroad.

Hizbullah has rarely been infiltrated by foreign intelligence agencies.



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