Jumblat Says Nasrallah's Anti-Saudi Remarks May Have 'Dangerous Repercussions'

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat warned Tuesday of possible “dangerous repercussions” that may result from the anti-Saudi remarks of some Lebanese leaders.

“The magnitude and extent of the statements we heard in Lebanon were not even voiced by the Islamic Republic of Iran itself,” said Jumblat in his weekly editorial in the PSP-affiliated al-Anbaa website.

Jumblat was referring to the Saudi-led airstrikes against the Iran-backed Huthi rebels in Yemen and Nasrallah's comments on the military operation.

On Monday, Hizbullah's secretary-general noted that “Saudi Arabia will suffer a major defeat” in Yemen “that will have an impact on its domestic situation and the entire region.”

Such statements “might have huge negative repercussions on the internal situation and the affairs of the Lebanese abroad, in the Gulf in general and specifically in Saudi Arabia, which has always stood by Lebanon and contributed to its reconstruction after all wars and conflicts,” Jumblat warned.

He pointed out that “this kingdom, which is known for its patience and noninterference in the affairs of other countries, was obliged to launch Operation Firmness Storm in Yemen after the failure of all mediations and pleadings.”

He also noted that Riyadh is “still calling for a political solution.”

“It is unacceptable that the Islamic Republic of Iran is expressing its desire for dialogue … while we in Lebanon are hearing remarks carrying hints about what the kingdom might suffer at the level of its domestic situations, security and stability,” said Jumblat.

He also slammed the “unacceptable insults against its officials.”

Jumblat, however, stressed the need to “maintain dialogue and manage the disputes among the Lebanese,” urging all parties to “shun tense rhetoric and statements that contradict with this approach with national partnership, so that we can protect what's left in Lebanon.”


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