Mashnouq Says Beirut, Dahiyeh Security Plan to be Implemented End of April

Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnuoq revealed on Wednesday that a security plan established for the capital Beirut and its suburbs is set to be implemented at the end of April.

“Around 14 outlaws have been detained by police and the army on the Airport road during the past two days,” Mashnouq said in comments published in As Safir newspaper.

He pointed out that several others are being pursued, including the kingpins of robbery gangs.

The minister told the daily that Hizbullah and AMAL movement are completely in harmony with the security plan.

A security plan set to be implemented in Beirut and its southern suburbs, Dahiyeh, has entered the final stages as security forces are mobilizing to deploy heavily in the area to clamp down on lawlessness.

Concerned security sources told the newspaper that the “state exists in Beirut's southern suburbs,” recalling a previous security plan that was implemented in the area in 2013.

“Nothing prevents the state from fortifying its presence in Dahiyeh,” the sources said, noting that it would relief the citizens.

The sources added that the area will witness an increase in checkpoints and raids to arrests hundreds of suspects, who are involved in destabilizing social security.



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