Indictments Issued against Suspects on Terror Charges

Three indictments were issued on Thursday against detainees held on terror charges, reported the National News Agency.

Military Examining Magistrate Judge Fadi Sawan issued the indictments against the suspects for belonging to a terrorist organization that was seeking to carry out terror attacks.

They were also charged with combating the army and killing an officer and soldiers.

Lebanese Mahmoud Khodr Sheikho was accused of taking part in the fighting against the army in the clashes between the rival neighborhoods of Bab al-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen in the northern city of Tripoli.

During the clashes, the suspect murdered officers and attempted to murder others.

The second suspect, Lebanese Abdul Rahman Mahmoud al-Badawi, is charged with belonging to the armed group of detained cleric Sheikh Ahmed Hoblos.

The third indictment charges two Lebanese of the al-Khalaf family and Syrian from al-Atrash family with belonging to the Islamic State extremist group, fighting the army in the northeastern border town of Arsal, and murdering and attempting to murder soldiers.

The Syrian was also accused of forging an identification paper.

One of the Lebanese suspects is still at large and was charged in absentia, added NNA.

The suspects may face the death penalty if convicted.

In August, the army engaged in clashes with extremists from the IS and al-Qaida-affiliated al-Nusra Front when they overran Arsal. A number of soldiers and jihadists were killed in the fighting.

Hoblos was arrested for taking part in clashes with the army in Tripoli in October 2014 and for his links to jihadist organizations in Syria.

The cleric was detained by security forces in April.

Later on Thursday, the Army Intelligence referred to the concerned judiciary detainee Ibrahim Mohammed Mustafa al-Sayyed Abdullah, also known as Abi Khalil al-Mouqalaat.

He was arrested in Khirbet Daoud on charges of belonging to the terrorist group of Osama Mansour and fugitive Shadi al-Mawlawi and for taking part in clashes against the army in Tripoli, said the military in a statement.

Tasked by Mansour, Mawlawi, and detainee Omar Miqati, Abdullah had shot and killed soldier Fadi al-Jubaili and Internal Security Forces member Butros al-Bayeh.

He also attacked army positions in al-Beddawi in the North, wounding two soldiers and damaging military vehicles.

Abdullah is also charged with creating sectarian incitement in the North and opening fire at citizens from different sects, killing Fayez Bazzi and wounding others.

The detainee had fled the Ain el-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp located near the southern city of Sidon as soon as the Tripoli security plan took effect.

He was arrested after he returned to the camp and was found to be traveling with a fake ID.

The exact date of his detention was not disclosed.



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