Marouni Receives Threats over Arrest of Defamation Suspect

Kataeb Party lawmaker Elie Marouni revealed Friday that he received threats over the arrest of Alexi Nicolas Jeha, calling on security forces to assume their responsibilities and unveil the truth.

“I received on Thursday a text message threatening me,” Marouni said in comments to Voice of Lebanon radio (100.5).

He pointed out that he will press charges.

“The message read: Don't try us.. the freedom of Alecco (Alexi Jeha) in return for Bashir's head,” Marouni said, noting that Bashir is the son of his brother Nasri.

The threats come two days after the Internal Security Forces Cyber Crime Bureau detained Jeha in the eastern city of Zahle on charges of death threats and calumny against Marouni via a social network website since the assassination of the MP's brother Nasri near the Kataeb center in Zahle in 2008.

The Facebook page was opened five years ago after Nasri's assassination.

“Someone leaked information that Jeha will be released,” Marouni said, holding those who are trying to help the suspect responsible for the case.

He vowed to pursue the issue until the end, saying: “Things have gone out of control and I will not yield before I reach the truth.”

“Some sides are bluntly covering up for the crime.”



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