Army Arrests Syrians on Terror Charges, Illegal Entry to Lebanon

The army on Monday arrested several Syrians in the eastern Bekaa region on terrorism charges.

"Army intelligence agents arrested a terrorist group comprising 4 Syrians in Jib Janine and Kamid el-Loz in western Bekaa," LBCI television reported in the evening.

Earlier in the day, the military said it detained Mohammed Kamel Roq, Haeb Hussein Haider, and Anas Hassan al-Masri on suspicion of belonging to terrorist groups.

They were held in the Hrabta and al-Labweh regions in the Bekaa, it said.

In Beirut's Haret Hreik neighborhood, the army detained two wanted Lebanese on shooting charges and another citizen for the possession of equipment used to produce explosives.

Earlier, 28 Syrians were arrested in the border region of al-Masnaa in the east for illegally entering Lebanon, added the military in a separate communique.

All detainees have been referred to the relevant authorities for investigation.


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