Knife Attacker Kills Man in Ashrafieh after Long Car Chase

A motorist chased another driver from the airport road to Ashrafieh to stab him with a knife after a dispute over traffic priority, media reports said on Thursday.

The stabbed man, 45-year-old George al-Rif, was critically injured before dying of his wounds in hospital while the assaulter, Tareq Yatim, was arrested Thursday in Ashrafieh, state-run National News Agency reported.

“Army intelligence agents from the Ashrafieh department have managed to arrest Tareq Yatim, who had stabbed George al-Rif in Ashrafieh,” NNA said, noting that the victim has four children.

It said al-Rif was driving on the airport road when a dispute over right of way erupted with Yatim, who kept chasing him to the Ashrafieh area in Beirut, where he dealt him several stabs to the body and head.

Al-Rif succumbed to his wounds in the evening, according to NNA.

MTV said Yatim has confessed to committing the attack, noting that “he has a criminal record containing charges of assault and drug abuse.”

Some media reports said he was under the influence of drugs when he was arrested.

LBCI television said Yatim is “a bodyguard of an influential figure in the area.”



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