Alain Aoun: Garbage Crisis did not Linger in Cabinet, No Intention to Obstruct Tuesday Session

Change and Reform bloc MP Alain Hakim stressed on Sunday that the temporary solution reached in the cabinet on the garbage crisis “proves that the problem did no lie there in the first place,” assuring that the bloc has no intention to obstruct the government’s work during Tuesday's session.

“The temporary solution reached in the cabinet on the waste management crisis proves that the problem did not lie primarily there,” said Aoun.

“As a political team, we have done our duties on several situations starting with rejecting the extension of the contract with Sukleen down to the tender conditions,” he said.

He emphasized that “Lebanon cannot depend on the traditional technique of land-filling because it has proven inefficiency and the country's inability to absorb,” stressing that “the Change and Reform bloc has always called for a solution to the looming crisis.”

Beirut and the Mount Lebanon area were plunged in a waste disposal crisis following last week's closure of the Naameh landfill without finding an alternative.

The closure of the landfill coincided with the end of the contract with the Sukleen company responsible for collecting garbage in Mount Lebanon and Beirut.

On the cabinet session slated for Tuesday, the Free Patriotic Movement MP said: “Every minister is part of the President of the Republic because the jurisdictions of the president have moved now to the government.

“We do not advocate obstruction and we have never called for Salam's resignation. We only seek to activate the government according to the norms,” he added.

“We are holding consultations with all parties, and we do not intend to go Tuesday's cabinet session with intentions to obstruct.”

Source: Naharnet

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