Franjieh: New President Must Reassure All Political, Social Components

Marada Movement chief MP Suleiman Franjieh stressed Monday that the country's new president must “reassure” all of the Lebanese political and social components, amid reports that his chances to reach the Baabda Palace have surged due to attempts by the rival camps to find a so-called political settlement.

“Lebanon must remain a cradle for intellectualism and an immune bastion for freedom and solidarity among all Christian and Muslim groups,” Maronite League chief Samir Abi al-Lamaa quoted Franjieh as saying after a meeting in Bnashii.

“The new president must reassure all political parties, political and religious forces, and the civil society, which is playing an important role nowadays,” Franjieh added, according to Abi al-Lamaa.

Last week, the Marada chief held talks in Paris with al-Mustaqbal movement leader ex-PM Saad Hariri.

The meeting was aimed at “exploring” stances, Mustaqbal bloc MP Ahmed Fatfat said on Monday.

The MP stressed, however, that “al-Mustaqbal's stance on the need to find a consensual presidential candidate is firm.”

“Every person has the right to belong to any camp, but if Franjieh wants this (consensual) role, he must embark on practical steps,” Fatfat added.


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