Report: Hizbullah Slams Salam for Allowing Lebanon to Join Islamic Alliance without Consulting Cabinet

Hizbullah is expected to announce on Thursday its stance on Lebanon joining the Islamic alliance that was declared by Saudi Arabia earlier this week, reported An Nahar daily on Wednesday.

Sources close to the party told the daily: “The prime minister cannot take such a major decision without turning to cabinet first.”

Hizbullah will likely announce its stance following the weekly meeting of its Loyalty to the Resistance parliamentary bloc.

Premier Tammam Salam had made a preliminary approval for Lebanon to join the alliance, in a move that surprised political powers in Lebanon that said that they were not informed of his step.

“We do not know what sort of responsibilities joining the alliance would require from Lebanon,” added the sources.

“We also do not know whether the alliance takes the form of an international treaty. In such a case, then parliament would have to look into the issue, because it is part of its jurisdiction,” they explained.

Saudi Arabia announced on Tuesday the formation of the Islamic alliance aimed at combating terrorism.

It includes 35 countries from across the Muslim and Arab world, except Syria, Iraq, and Iran.



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