Rifi to Raad: Neither you, nor your Armed Party Can Decide who Has Place in Lebanon

Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi condemned on Wednesday the recent remarks of Hizbullah MP Mohammed Raad against Mustaqbal Movement chief MP Saad Hariri, urging him against adopting “intimidation” tactics.

He said via Twitter: “Neither you, nor your armed party can decide who has a place in Lebanon or not.”

“Lebanon belongs to us all,” he stressed.

“You should once again return to being a Lebanese national like the rest,” the minister said.

“You should know that intimidation through the use of arms will not work,” added Rifi.

Raad had waged a blistering attack on Hariri without naming him on Monday, saying “those who are suffering from bankruptcy in their exile must not find a place to return to in Lebanon in order to rob the country once again.”

He also fired at Hariri's presidential initiative that involves nominating MP Suleiman Franjieh for the presidency, noting that “the issue is not about a person whom we would give the presidential post to without him having any powers to rule the country with.”

“All of the powers would be usurped by the person who is entrusted with preserving the interests of this kingdom or that state,” Raad added, referring to Hariri and Saudi Arabia.

The latest remarks come amid a war of words between Hizbullah and al-Mustaqbal linked to the Saudi-Iranian row that was triggered by Riyadh's execution of senior Shiite dissident Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.

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