Jumblat Says Major Powers Did not Unite in Tripoli's Municipal Polls

Democratic Gathering bloc MP Walid Jumblat commented on the initial victory of resigned Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi in the municipal elections in the northern city of Tripoli and said that the lists that faced him in the polls were unsuccessful.

“It seems that the Titanic (in reference to a list backed by the Mustaqbal Movement chief MP Saad Hariri, former Prime Minister Najib Miqati, and former ministers Faisal Karami and Mohammed al-Safadi) that carried strongmen from Baysour and Kfar Matta has arrived in Tripoli to drown there,” said Jumblat via Twitter.

The last round of the municipal elections concluded on Sunday in the North and Akkar.

In the city of Tripoli, a list backed by Rifi competed against one backed by Hariri, Miqati, Karami and al-Safadi.

According to preliminary results, Rifi's list won the elections, garnering 18 municipal seats.

A third list running in the elections was headed by former MP Mosbah al-Ahdab and a fourth one comprised independent figures and civil society activists.

Jumblat hinted that the major powers in Tripoli were not in accord, saying: “What a great grief in the hearts of the believers.”



Source: Naharnet

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