Geagea: Qaa Families Held Arms to Support Army

Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea stated on Wednesday that the families of the eastern town of al-Qaa armed themselves after the suicide bombings that struck their town mainly to support the Lebanese army in its fight to eradicate terrorism.

“The lawful arms that you were obliged to carry after terrorism struck your doors was solely to support the legal powers in their efforts to expel assaults,” said Geagea in a televised appearance addressing families of the victims of the al-Qaa bombings.

The LF leader's comments came following media reports that the Qaa residents have resorted to autonomous security and that the dwellers were encouraged to carry guns and help in the fight against attackers.

Media outlets have also broadcast footage of women carrying weapons and exclaiming willingness to defend their town against attackers.

“This occurrence is but an episode of a series of heroism,” he added.

“Our destiny in this part of the world is to remain standing high and to remain supporters of freedom,” concluded the LF leader.

Four suicide bombings rocked al-Qaa on Monday evening, injuring eight people, only hours after four suicide bombers killed five people and wounded 15 others in the town before dawn.

Three suicide bombers riding motorcycles blew themselves up in the evening in the center of the predominantly Christian town. In the pre-dawn attack, five people were killed and fifteen others were wounded when four suicide bombers targeted the town.

Following the attacks, Qaa's municipal chief Bashir Matar encouraged the residents to defend themselves and shoot down any stranger they deem suspicious, media reports said.

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