Nasrallah: Lashes Out at Saudi Arabia, Reiterates 'Golden Equation' of Army, People, Resistance

Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah stressed on Wednesday that the army, people and Resistance equation protects Lebanon as he refused any attempts aiming to obstruct the government’s work.

“The army, people and Resistance equation protects us and we refuse obstructing the government under any pretext,” stressed Nasrallah in the second live appearance within 24 hours addressing thousands of supporters in the southern suburb of Beirut marking Ashoura.

Ashoura is one of the most important festivals on the Shiite Muslim calendar.

Urging the government to work had to meet the needs of the people he said: “We call on the government to work hard on pressing issues burdening the Lebanese. We renew commitment to the positive political path away from the divisions among the Lebanese.”

Turning to the role of the Resistance, he said: “The Resistance will continue to watch Israel and Lebanon's southern border. Lebanon's power is embodied in its army, people and Resistance, it is what deters the Israeli enemy.

“We will keep our eyes open on the southern border, similarly we will watch the eastern border to confront the takfiris.”

Expressing solidarity with the people of Yemen, he said: “Our Ashoura marches here and in Beirut are in solidarity with the people of Yemen and its army.

Lashing out at Saudi Arabia he said: “Saudi Arabia's battles in Yemen are to express the hatred of the Saudi regime against Yemen.”

A strike on a funeral ceremony in Yemen on Saturday was one of the deadliest attacks since the Saudi-led coalition launched a bombing campaign against Shiite rebels there in March 2015.

Nasrallah accused Saudi warplanes of carrying out the raid, echoing Yemen's Huthi rebels who blamed the Riyadh-led coalition for the strike.

“The Saud family will be defeated in Yemen,” he went on to say.

For Shiites around the world, Ashura is a symbol of the struggle against oppression as it commemorates the assassination of Imam Hussein, grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, in 680.

Source: Naharnet

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