Fatfat Asks Qahwaji to Address Security Incidents in Dinniyeh Outskirts

Mustaqbal bloc MP Ahmed Fatfat visited Army Commander General Jean Qahwaji on Thursday to ask him to address the “recurrent security incidents” in the outskirts of the northern Dinniyeh region “near the outskirts of neighboring Hermel,” the MP's office said.

Fatfat briefed Qahwaji on “the attacks on innocent citizens and the robbery of their cars and money at gunpoint,” the statement said.

He warned that “the persistence of this situation without real efforts to arrest these criminals would create alarming and dangerous tensions.”

“The army commander then gave his instructions to the northern and central military commands to speed up their efforts to eradicate this subversive phenomenon before it aggravates and turns into real strife,” Fatfat's office said.

The lawmaker thanked the army chief for his “prompt response,” calling on citizens to “cooperate with the army and the security forces to facilitate their missions,” the office added.

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