Raad: National Consensus Cabinet Should be Formed, No Need For Further Delay

Hizbullah MP Mohammed Raad stressed the need to form a national consensus cabinet and added that the party sees no need for further delay in the cabinet formation, the National News Agency reported Thursday.

“This tenure must provide the needed opportunity to build a real State in Lebanon to carry out its duties. The cabinet to be formed should be a national consensus government that draws all political parties in the country together. We see no need for further delay,” said Raad speaking at a medical conference at the Coral Beach Hotel in al-Jnah.

“Some obstacles can be overcome,” said Raad “we only need some efforts and understanding. We hope that the cabinet is formed soon,” he added.

On the electoral law to be adopted for the upcoming parliamentary polls, Raad reiterated the party's insistence for an electoral law based on proportional representation.

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