Baabda Palace Replies to Controversy over Aoun's Position on Hizbullah's Arms

The latest stance made by President Michel Aoun as for the role of the Resistance's arms in Lebanon has initiated a flurry of political reactions some favoring and other criticizing.

Ministerial sources close to the Baabda Presidential Palace said they were astonished at criticisms lashing out at Aoun's position, they told al-Joumhouria daily on Monday: “What Aoun meant was clear because the Army's capabilities do not permit a direct confrontation with the Israeli army.

“President of the Republic has not backed down from his firm position as for the arms of the Resistance and the Lebanese Army,” they added.

On Sunday, in an interview on the Egyptian TV channel CBC, Aoun said "Hizbullah's arms do not contradict with the State and are an essential component of the means to defend Lebanon.”

However, the sources pointed to the army's “effective” capabilities “inside” Lebanon, they said: “The army's ability to confront terrorism and terror groups domestically have shown effective. Its ability to protect the Lebanese arena from various gangs and takfiri groups on the Lebanese border are clearly visible.

“The army's successful pre-emptive security operations in several areas attest to its readiness and preparedness that has surpassed armies of large nations.”

“Aoun's position can be interpreted in previous ministerial statements. That is why we cannot but perceive the criticisms as an indicator for a campaign targeting the President. It could be a plan to distract attention from other contentious issues and endeavors to find a new, just and balanced electoral law,” concluded the sources.

Source: Naharnet

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