Raad Says Tax Hike in Return for Wage Scale Approval Useless

Hizbullah Loyalty to the Resistance bloc Mohammad Raad stated that government’s approval of the wage scale is an essential matter, but decried imposing taxes in return which he said would diminish the purchasing power, the state-run National News Agency reported on Wednesday.

“The pressing issue of the wage scale affects a large segment of our people and our brothers awaiting an increase in their salaries, it is rightfully theirs,” said Raad.

“However if you (the government) plan to approve the scale and at the same time impose an increase in taxes, it would take away the gains mainly from the salaries,” said Raad, stressing that the bloc has rejected a tax hike targeting low-income earners.

Raad urged the government to “change the approach of budget preparation, and to inspect the sources of squandering and corruption in the country,” instead.

The cabinet has been meeting lately to approve Lebanon's state budget plan after a 12-year delay. The cabinet will meet on Wednesday and Friday.

Due to political wrangling between the rival political parties, Lebanon has not approved a budget since 2005.

Source: Naharnet

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