Berri's Proposed Senate Consists of 64 Members with Druze Chairman

Speaker Nabih Berri's proposal for the creation of a Senate as part of efforts to resolve the electoral law crisis calls for forming a body consisted of 32 Muslim senators and 32 Christian senators and for allocating its presidency to the Druze community, a media report said on Sunday.

“Should an agreement be reached on allocating its chairmanship to the Greek Orthodox community, the Druze community would be given either the deputy speaker post or the deputy premier post,” al-Mustaqbal newspaper quoted Berri's visitors as saying in remarks published Sunday.

“The proposed Senate would take some powers from Parliament, especially those related to crucial issues, in line with the Taef Accord,” the visitors added.

Berri's proposal calls for electing a Senate under a sectarian voting electoral system and a Parliament under an electoral law fully based on proportional representation.

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