Jumblat: Dangerous Rockets Message May Be Addressed to France

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat said Monday that the recent firing of rockets from Lebanon against Israel “may be a message addressed from our neighbors to France,” hours after the French foreign minister accused Syria of involvement in Friday’s bomb attack on French peacekeepers in southern Lebanon.

At a ceremony to honor PSP veterans in al-Mukhtara, Jumblat said: “We received yesterday the message of the rockets, and this is a dangerous message which may be addressed from our neighbors to France, via the Lebanese territory and at the expense of Lebanon’s stability, the South and entire Lebanon.”

“We had witnessed similar messages in the past and when you ask the (Lebanese) intelligence services they tell you ‘it is al-Qaida,’” Jumblat added.

The Druze leader accused “local, regional, Arab and international forces” of seeking to “oust U.N. forces from Lebanon so that we return to the confrontation and maybe to a new war.”

And as he added “I cannot interpret this message except through this logic,” Jumblat urged “the leadership of the Resistance (Hizbullah) to realize the graveness of the situation and demonstrate that the Lebanese interest is above all else.”

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