Hizbullah-Linked Media Threaten Strikes on U.S. in Syria over 'Red Lines'

The Syrian government's allies will strike at American positions inside Syria if the U.S. crosses any "red lines," a Hizbullah-affiliated media arm warned on Wednesday.

The Military Media's threat comes one day after U.S. forces bombed pro-government forces in eastern Syria.

The Pentagon said Tuesday the pro-government forces were infringing on a "de-confliction" zone established to protect U.S.-backed local opposition forces, who are engaged in fighting the Islamic State group.

Hizbullah's TV station al-Manar broadcast footage it said was of an Iranian drone tailing an American one over eastern Syria. It said the video was proof the Syrian government's backers could strike American units at will.

Iran is a key backer of Hizbullah and the Syrian government, and is deeply involved in the Syrian civil war.

Hizbullah's military media said it was only "self-restraint" keeping pro-government forces from attacking American units.

Source: Associated Press

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