Hizbullah Warns March 14 Against Dangerous Consequences of its Accusations

Hizbullah snapped back at March 14 opposition officials on Thursday, saying they were making “dangerous” accusations over the roadside bombing that targeted French U.N. peacekeepers last week.

“The dangerous and unacceptable statements” made by some March 14 officials are a sign that they “are part of the scheme targeting the resistance,” Hizbullah said in a statement.

“What this team is doing is not new,” it said. “We have gotten used to the political accusations made by it without any evidence.”

The statement said that the opposition officials are “directly accusing” Hizbullah of involvement in the bombing that left five French troops injured near the southern coastal city of Tyre “without taking into consideration the consequences” of their remarks.

“Hizbullah condemns these political accusations and warns against the dangers of this behavior and its consequences on the country and its citizens,” it added.

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