Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood Accuses Regime of Seeking to Implicate it in Bombings

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood denied on Saturday its involvement in the Damascus bombings, saying the regime had set up a website similar to its webpage to implicate it in the blasts that left 44 people dead a day earlier.

In remarks to al-Arabiya TV station, Brotherhood official Mohammed Farouq Tayfour said the Syrian authorities established the site to accuse the group of carrying out the twin suicide bombings.

His comments came after a message on the alleged website said: "One of our victorious Sunni brigades was able to target the state security building in Kfar Suseh in the heart of the Omayyad capital Damascus in a successful operation carried out by four of our kamikazes drawn from the best of our glorious men, leaving many dead and wounded from the ranks of the Assad gangs.”

The spokesman for Syria's Muslim Brotherhood, Zuhair Salem denied to Agence France Presse, from London the allegations, saying that the claim was "completely fabricated under our name on the Internet."

It was "completely orchestrated by the regime, just as the attacks were,” he added.

The claim contradicted accusations by the regime of President Bashar Assad that the bombings, which also wounded 166 people, were the work of al-Qaida.

The opposition Syrian National Council said that the regime had carried them out.

The claim came as thousands of mourners carrying Syrian flags and pictures of the dead took part in a mass funeral for the 44 people killed in the bombings.

Mourners carried coffins draped in the red, white and black Syrian flags into the eighth-century Omayyad Mosque, where they were placed on the ground for prayers.

"Martyr after martyr, we want nobody but (Bashar) Assad," they shouted in support of the president.

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Default-user-icon Libaneise (Guest) 24 December 2011, 13:03

At least this clears Lebanon's name from being dragged into such an act.

Default-user-icon StarBucks (Guest) 24 December 2011, 13:13

Legitimate regime targets, but unfortunately civilians also killed.

Default-user-icon لبناني عتيق (Guest) 24 December 2011, 13:17

لعبة مخابراتية صغيرة جديدة من النظام والدليل توقعوا نفي الإخوان اليوم

Missing sysst 24 December 2011, 13:28

الأخوان المسلمون هم اخوان الأسد

Default-user-icon Leopard (Guest) 24 December 2011, 14:16

Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood Denied or Claimed???? Fix the title and/or story!!!

Thumb jabalamel 24 December 2011, 15:07

al qaida and muslim brotherhood is very much the same. at least on same payroll

Default-user-icon Le PheneChien (Guest) 24 December 2011, 15:34

Every terrorist organization had started and blessed by the Moukhabarat and the Syrian regime from its initial infancy. Nothing comes to Lebanon via the Syrian borders if the regime had not blessed it, Nothing enters Iraq via Syria if the latter regime did not bless it. They have created every terrorist organization and allowed the weapons and TNT from the days of the Marines buildings in Beirut that killed 350 US Marines. It is now the time to clean up the Syrian country or hole that is filthy of terrorists Moukhabarat because they have allowed all the years certain organizations to be terrorist (i.e. Palestinians)and assassinated others if they disagreed with Assad.

Default-user-icon F@di (Guest) 24 December 2011, 15:52

To the above commen: And you and your masters on which payroll ?

Default-user-icon Wadi (Guest) 24 December 2011, 16:08

@Habal:"al qaida and muslim brotherhood is very much the same. at least on same payroll"

Is amal and hizballah very much the same? I mean at least on the same payroll?

Default-user-icon ameljabal (Guest) 24 December 2011, 16:09

al qaida, Hizballah and muslim brotherhood are very much the same. at least on same payroll

Thumb shab 24 December 2011, 16:24

Why so many bullet holes? Has the car been used before?

Default-user-icon Beiruti (Guest) 24 December 2011, 16:24

As I wrote here yesterday, the Assad Regime carried out the car bombings. It is rather clear, especially since they happened in Damascus, one of the places in Syria where Syrian intelligence is the strongest, rather than out in the countryside where the Opposition has its strength.

Thumb Marc 24 December 2011, 16:38

Interesting to say the least:

Default-user-icon Name (Guest) 24 December 2011, 16:57

everything the syrian regime claims is fake remember muallem's videos?

Missing youssefhaddad 24 December 2011, 17:16

Whoever the perpetrators, If Assad had stepped down none of this would have happened.
If the regime allows independent observers then we could maybe find out who did what.

Default-user-icon Gabby (Guest) 24 December 2011, 17:42

The whole world know ASSad needed the delay of observers to plan tricks like this. ASSad did the bombing......end of story.

Thumb jabalamel 24 December 2011, 17:54

the filthy zionist information war department has a new logic: nevermind who made bomb attacks it's important to remove assad.

yes we know you did it.

Default-user-icon Ramez (Guest) 24 December 2011, 18:01

The only known Fundamentalist militia in the wole region proven to be active in terrorism business for decades is the so-called hezballah. And it is nothing but an instrument for Assads Gang and Khamenei clan. A twin totalitarian entities.These are facts, not opinions.

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 24 December 2011, 20:25

the regime in damascus after 4years didnt say who killed moughnieh , now he is saying qaeda after half an hour??????//////////its not habal its jabalhabal

Default-user-icon Giuseppe Gallo (Guest) 24 December 2011, 21:23

Al Qaeda, Muslim Brothers, Salafis, Jund al Cham, Fath al Islam, Hariri Mafia, Wahabis.... all variations of SUNNI CRAZIES. They must be pursued and terminated everywhere and by everyone with a sane mind. 3alehom