Aoun: Electoral Law Ensures Correct Representation, Don't Vote for Those who Sell Sovereignty

The new electoral law ensures the “most correct representation for all the components of the Lebanese people,” President Michel Aoun said on Wednesday.

“Political ambition is legitimate and a right for each one of you but avoid inciting sentiments and steer clear of religious and sectarian agitation,” Aoun added, addressing parliamentary candidates, in an address to the nation.

“Do not vote for those who pay you or offer you money, because those who buy you will later sell you,” the president went on to say, in a message to voters.

“Do not vote for those who sold sovereignty and those who sell it on every occasion,” Aoun said.

And addressing Lebanese expats, who will be allowed to vote outside Lebanon for the first time in the country's history, the president added: “Cling to your right to vote and let your participation reflect how much you are attached to your homeland.”

The new electoral law replaces a majoritarian system with a proportional one and allows Lebanese expatriates to vote abroad for the first time. Some 82,000 expats have registered to do so.

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