Samer Kabbara to Run in Tripoli Polls, Says Jamali 'Doesn't Know City'

Samer Kabbara, a young nephew of MP Mohammed Kabbara, has officially announced his nomination for Tripoli's fifth Sunni seat, which became vacant after the Constitutional Council revoked Dima Jamali's parliamentary membership.

“The way in which Dima Jamali was imposed” on the city in the 2018 elections was “wrong,” Kabbara said in an interview with al-Akhbar newspaper published Monday.

“She does not know Tripoli. If she wants to legislate, shouldn't she be familiar with its environment?” Kabbara added.

“In May, an electoral battle at the level of the country was held and (Prime Minister Saad) Hariri secured for her the votes that she received. Today the battle is different and is not political but rather reflects keenness on Tripoli,” the young candidate explained.

He added: “There are hundreds of Tripolitan women who are qualified for running in the elections, so why the rush in picking Jamali?”

Jamali has nominated herself for the by-elections that will be held on April 14.

Ex-minister Ashraf Rifi is expected to also announce his nomination in a press conference on Thursday.

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