Miqati to Inform Suleiman About Suggestions on Shape of Cabinet Amid Attack on Portfolios

Premier-designate Najib Miqati is expected to inform President Michel Suleiman about suggestions on the shape of the cabinet at a time when parties of the March 8 camp are competing over names and portfolios.

Baabda sources told al-Mustaqbal daily that Miqati would visit the presidential palace on Thursday. They said Suleiman is keen on seeing consensus between March 8 and 14 forces on the shape of the government.

The newspaper quoted Suleiman’s visitors as saying that the Lebanese should unify in helping the country overcome its crisis by forming a “national consensus cabinet that includes all sides.”

News of Miqati’s expected visit to Baabda came as more than one person was being nominated for a single portfolio, sources following up the cabinet formation process told An Nahar and As Safir newspapers.

“Such an attack on portfolios, names and shares requires the expansion of the cabinet to more than 30 ministers,” they said.

“This attack will lead to complications,” the sources warned, accusing some parties of making certain suggestions publicly but then proposing the opposite during consultations away from the media spotlight.

The sources told the dailies that most parties are eyeing the “sovereign portfolios.” Such complications are hindering Miqati’s work, they said, stressing, however, that the premier-designate will continue his consultations with all parties to form his cabinet.

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