Report: Hizbullah Asks Aoun to 'Postpone' Consultations

Hizbullah has reportedly asked President Michel Aoun to delay the binding parliamentary consultations, allegedly relying that PM Saad Hariri -who withdrew his candidacy- agrees to lead a new government, the Saudi Asharq al-Awsat newspaper reported on Friday.

Unnamed political sources told the daily that Hizbullah had contacted Aoun for that purpose. They said that Hizbullah, the Free Patriotic Movement (founded by Aoun) and other parties still believe that Hariri might agree to lead a new government.

Stalled political consultations to nominate a new prime minister enter a new crisis.

Hizbullah insists to nominate Hariri who insists on heading a government of technocrats, while his opponents, including Hizbullah, want a Cabinet made up of both experts and politicians.

Politicians have failed to agree on the shape and form of a new government.

Aoun has not set a date for binding consultations with heads of parliamentary blocs to name a new premier.

Source: Naharnet

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