Diplomats, Politicians, Religious Figures Attend Funeral of Lokman Slim

The funeral of activist and intellectual Lokman Slim was held on Thursday in the area of Ghobeiry, in the presence of ambassadors and political, media and religious figures from various sects, and family and friends.

Mother of the deceased, Salma Mershak, delivered the family’s speech, in which she invited Lebanese for “dialogue” instead of bearing weapons.

“If you want a homeland, you must cling to the principles for which Lokman was martyred. The burden will weigh heavy on you. Accept the idea of dialogue and the logic of reason to create a country worthy of Lokman. Stay away from weapons; those have taken away my son,” the grieving mother said.

The ambassadors of the United States, Germany and Switzerland attended the funeral, in addition to several political figures.

The family of Lokman chose to have religious figures from different sects pray for their slain son.

Slim, a prominent Lebanese activist and intellectual known for his opposition to Hizbullah was found shot dead in his car in the country's south last Thursday.

It drew immediate condemnation from abroad and tributes from his many friends.

The US ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea described his killing in her farewell speech at the funeral as a “barbaric act.”

"He who does not know the history of Lokman Slim will not understand the present and will not know how to plan for the future," Swiss Ambassador Monica Kirgoz said. "Switzerland has lost a friend and we will make sure that the task he was undertaking will be pursued."

She indicated that "Lokman and his wife began writing the history of Lebanon 5 years ago, and that Switzerland was a partner to them by providing support."

Slim, 58, had long been a leading secular voice in the Shiite community and was routinely criticised, and often threatened, over his anti-Hizbullah stance.

Lebanese social media erupted over the murder, as people commented on the latest in a long line of Lebanon's political killings.

Slim, long a hate figure for Hizbullah loyalists who accused him of being a Western puppet, lived without personal protection.

Source: Naharnet

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