3 Rockets Fired from South Lebanon toward Israel

Three rockets were fired Thursday from southern Lebanon toward Israel, Lebanese security officials said, amid an escalating fighting between Israel and the militant Palestinian Hamas group in Gaza.

The rockets were launched from the Qlayleh area north of Naqoura, near the border with Israel.

Israel's army confirmed the attack and said the rockets landed in the sea.

It was not immediately clear who had fired them, but two sources close to Hizbullah said the Lebanese group had no link to the incident.

"A short while ago, three rockets were fired from Lebanon into the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of the Galilee," Israel's army said in a statement. "According to protocol no sirens were sounded," it added.

Several media reports said Lebanese security forces arrested those who fired the rockets. Al-Jadeed TV however said no arrests have been made but added that the Lebanese Army has deployed in the area and is following the situation closely.

Al-Jadeed later reported that the army was chasing several suspects in a grove in the area.

A Palestinian official meanwhile told An-Nahar newspaper that the Palestinian factions were responsible for the incident and that “their message is that the resistance is one in Lebanon and Palestine.”

Al-Manar TV reporter Ali Shoaib meanwhile tweeted that the rockets did not cross the border and that the atmosphere was very normal in the area after the army’s deployment.

And as MTV said that Israeli warplanes were overflying south Lebanon after the incident, Al-Arabiya TV quoted Israeli sources as saying that there will be no Israeli response.

The spokesman of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, Andrea Tenenti, meanwhile said that the Force, known as UNIFIL, was in contact with the Lebanese and Israeli sides and was urging them to show utmost restraint after the incident.

Source: Naharnet, Agence France Presse, Associated Press

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