Bukhari: KSA Doesn’t Seek Deportation of Lebanese Nationals

Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon, Walid al-Bukhari on Wednesday affirmed in a chat with journalists that everything being said about Saudi Arabia’s endeavors to deport Lebanese nationals from its territories against the backdrop of its minister's remarks were “absolutely unfounded.

“In the midst of the Gulf War, the KSA never deported anyone because it was built on humanitarian foundations,” Bukhari said.

He recollected that when he had gone to the KSA to receive his Coronavirus vaccine, he found Lebanese families queued before him after having registered their names.

“This is something that pleased me because my state did not differentiate between a citizen and a resident — neither with regard to waiting in line nor with regard to the type of vaccine,” he explained.

Bukhari finally expressed the belief that what had won the kingdom the respect of the international community was its unified language and political discourse, in public and in secret.

Source: Naharnet

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