Samir Sfeir Returns to Lebanon, Says Questioned over Hizbullah, Aoun

Prominent Lebanese music composer Samir Sfeir arrived in Lebanon Thursday after he was detained for more than a month in Saudi Arabia.

The National News Agency said he was welcomed at the airport by MP Salim Aoun of the Strong Lebanon bloc, prominent lyricist Nizar Francis, and several members of his family.

Speaking to al-Jadeed TV at the airport, Sfeir said he was detained over his political views and not over any drugs-related charges.

“I never spoke about the kingdom, I spoke about my country’s domestic affairs,” Sfeir said.

“They followed up on something very old that I said in 2013 in a comic show… and they considered that I mocked them,” the Lebanese composer added, referring to Saudi authorities.

“I feel that reports against me were sent from here (Lebanon),” he added.

Noting that he does not regret his political stances but rather his “aggressive approach,” Sfeir said his style of political activism was “wrong,” adding that he has “returned to his senses” and that he will “retire” from politics.

“I was questioned by four interrogators and the discussion was political. I was asked whether I had a link to Hizbullah’s military wing and I said that I had always voiced support for the army and stated that I was against armed and sectarian parties,” Sfeir added.

He revealed that he was also grilled about a tweet mentioning President Michel Aoun and Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

“I told them that I meant that the relation between the President and Sayyed Nasrallah had rescued Lebanon from Sunni-Shiite strife,” Sfeir added.

Asked about the identity of those who mediated with Riyadh to secure his release, Sfeir thanked Aoun, General Security chief Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim, Army chief General Joseph Aoun, State Security chief Maj. Gen. Tony Saliba, the lyricist Nizar Francis and al-Jadeed TV.

Source: Naharnet

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