Geagea ‘Shames’ Officials for Neglecting Army Essentials

Lebanese Forces party chief Samir Geagea on Friday “shamed” President Michel Aoun and the caretaker government of Hassan Diab for neglecting the Lebanese army’s basic needs, after donor nations lined up Thursday to provide emergency aid for Lebanon’s military.

He said donor countries have provided help for the military institution while they stood and watched.

“A very big thank you to the state of France and to the states that participated yesterday in the conference to back the Lebanese army,” said Geagea on Twitter.

He added: “And a great shame on the President, and caretaker PM (Hassan Diab), and the caretaker government for letting the army conditions reach the point where friendly countries come to help it while they either do nothing, or do worse."

On Thursday, France hosted a virtual meeting of an international support group for Lebanon which includes the United States, several EU member states, Gulf countries, Russia and China.

Twenty nations agreed to provide emergency aid to the ailing Lebanese military.

Milk, flour, medicine, fuel and spare parts that were among the items on a shopping list drawn up by the military that adds up to millions of dollars.

Lebanon is in desperate need of financial aid but the international community has conditioned any such help on the formation of a new government to launch sweeping reforms.

Source: Naharnet

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