Reports: No disagreements between Aoun-Miqati, Govt. Formula not Discussed Yet

President Michel Aoun has agreed with Prime Minister-Designate Najib Miqati "to expedite the new government's formation,” media sources said, adding that they have not yet discussed “the details of the government's composition.”

Sources close to the Baabda Palace revealed, in remarks published Tuesday in several newspapers, that "Aoun and Miqati have not yet gone into the details of the government's line-up, the distribution of portfolios, or any other issues related to the formation mechanism," but have “agreed on expediting the government formation.”

The sources stressed that "all reports about the existence of disagreements over portfolios are baseless, especially since the government composition has not yet been discussed between the president and the Prime Minister."

They warned about the intentions behind spreading such rumors that are “harmful to the course of government formation.”

“The purpose of these rumors is to cause a deliberate controversy and to fabricate points of disagreement between the president and the new PM,” the sources said, assuring in return that “the cooperation between Aoun and Miqati guarantees reaching the desired goal within the well-known constitutional rules.”

Source: Naharnet

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