Line-Up of Najib Miqati's Government Announced

The line-up of Najib Miqati’s 24-minister government was announced on Friday, 45 days after the veteran politician and Lebanon’s richest man was tasked with putting together a new cabinet and more than a year after the previous government’s resignation.

Below is the full line-up as announced by the secretary general of the council of ministers:

- Najib Miqati (PM)

- Saade al-Shami (Deputy PM)

- Bassam Mawlawi (Interior)

- Firass al-Abiad (Health)

- Nasser Yassine (Environment)

- Amin Salam (Economy)

- Youssef Khalil (Finance)

- Ali Hamiyeh (Public Works)

- Abbas al-Hajj Hassan (Agriculture)

- Mohammed Murtada (Culture)

- Mustafa Bayram (Labor)

- Abbas Halabi (Education)

- Issam Sharafeddine (Displaced)

- Abdallah Bou Habib (Foreign Affairs)

- Johnny Korm (Telecom)

- Walid Nassar (Tourism)

- George Kordahi (Information)

- Henri Khoury (Justice)

- Walid Fayyad (Energy)

- Maurice Slim (Defense)

- Hector Hajjar (Social Affairs)

- Georges Kallas (Youth and Sport)

- Najla Riachi (Administrative Development)

- Georges Boujikian (Industry)

Source: Naharnet

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