Aoun Urges for Cabinet Session 'Even if It Gets Boycotted'

President Michel Aoun said Tuesday that he “supports calling for a Cabinet session, even if it gets boycotted.”

“The (government’s) paralysis cannot persist,” Aoun said in a meeting with the editors’ syndicate. “There are matters that need to be addressed.”

Aoun affirmed that “there is a full understanding with Prime Minister Najib Miqati.” Concerning Hizbullah, he said that “some things must be said between friends.”

He added that the interlocutors in Lebanon have been engaging in vain discussions for 30 years. “It is time to change these interlocutors even if I am one of them.”

“The elections will take place,” the president said, noting that “there will be an agreement on holding the elections in May.”

On another note, Aoun said that “no one can touch the treasury except those who govern and protect it.”

“We have never touched the public money,” he added.

Source: Naharnet

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