Lapid to Netanyahu: Don’t join 'Nasrallah's propaganda'

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid on Monday hit out at opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu over the latter’s criticism of the emerging sea border deal with Lebanon.

“Some facts for Netanyahu, simply because he did not see the agreement: Israel receives 100% of its security needs, 100% of the Karish field and even some of the profits of the Lebanese field,” Lapid tweeted.

“I understand that it hurts you that you were not able to reach such an agreement, but that is no reason to join (Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan) Nasrallah's propaganda,” Lapid added.

“It is possible to praise a government that works and brings results to the people of Israel,” Lapid went on to say, addressing his electoral rival Netanyahu.

Netanyahu, under whom the sea border talks with Lebanon began in 2020 and who is hoping to return to power in November elections, has said that he opposes the emerging deal and wouldn't be bound by it if reelected.

Source: Naharnet

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