Geagea slams 'attempt to impose' president, urges 'real' head of state

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea has slammed what he described as an “attempt to impose a president” by the Hezbollah-led camp, as he stressed that the country needs a “real” head of state.

“What is happening today is not due to the might of the Axis of Defiance, but rather due to the weakness of those who should have shouldered their responsibilities and are still refusing to do so,” Geagea said at an LF dinner.

“The Axis of Defiance has not been able to secure the election of the candidate it wants, and accordingly it is blocking the election. This honestly is not a democratic nor a political, honorable or a patriotic act. It is rather an extremely despicable act that undermines democracy, patriotism and Lebanon,” the LF leader added.

“They are saying that they want a president who protect the back of the resistance, but do we need a president who would protect Hezbollah’s back or do we need him to protect the back of the Lebanese?” Geagea wondered.

Lamenting that the other camp wants a president who would “implement their schemes and join them in what they are doing,” the LF leader decried a perceived attempt to “impose” such a president.

Addressing those saying that they don’t want a “provocative president,” Geagea said: “What we’re demanding is not at all aimed at provocation; we’re rather seeking a real president who would be at the same distance from everyone.”

“His only concern should be the implementation of the constitution and restoring the state’s decision,” Geagea stressed.

Source: Naharnet

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