Brazil donates 38 solar-powered water purifiers to Lebanon

The Brazilian Ambassador to Lebanon Tarcísio Costa has participated in a ceremony alongside General Mohammad Kheir, head of the High Relief Committee (HRC) and representatives of Lebanese NGOs, marking the delivery of a Brazilian humanitarian donation of 38 water purifiers to Lebanon.

"The Embassy of Brazil in Lebanon is proud to announce that the Brazilian government has donated, on a humanitarian basis, solar-powered water purifiers to Lebanon," the embassy said in a statement.

In total, the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) has donated 38 water purifiers, along with solar panels, batteries and replacement parts for the equipment. The humanitarian donation was received by the High Relief Committee of Lebanon (HRC) and is part of the Brazilian effort to assist Lebanon in countering the ongoing cholera outbreak in the country.

In its combined capacity, the donated equipment can purify 200,000 liters of water per day using solar power and removes up to 100% of viruses and bacteria from water, using technology developed in Brazil, the embassy said, adding that the units will be distributed by the HRC to public schools and hospitals, located in the areas mostly hit by the cholera outbreak.

"In addition to this donation, Brazil has been very active in cooperating with Lebanon in these past two years with various initiatives, mostly in the fields of health and agriculture, as exemplified by the Brazilian humanitarian donation of 4 million kilograms of processed rice to Lebanon in February 2022," the statement went on to say.

It reaffirmed Brazil's commitment to continued cooperation with the Lebanese government "to strengthen the welfare and prosperity of our peoples," describing Brazil as "the country with the largest Lebanese community abroad, sharing deep historical and human ties with Lebanon."

Source: Naharnet

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