Israeli Force Penetrates Lebanese Borders, Erects Barbed Wire

An Israeli task force composed of twenty soldiers supported by four military vehicles entered 75 meters into the disputed area near Adaysseh and erected barbed wires.

The UNIFIL and the Lebanese security services arrived at the scene, and the Lebanese army launched a probe into the incident.

In a statement, the Lebanese army said that “between 02:50 and 03:52 Thursday morning an Israeli army patrol erected barbed wires at a distance of 74 meters in the disputed point 36TP beside Adaysseh.”

“The army units deployed in the region and the issue was addressed with the UNIFIl,” the statement added.

Al-Manar reported that Lebanon will submit a complaint to the United Nation after this assault.

UNIFIL spokesman Neeraj Singh later said that "Israel informed us in advance about erecting the barbed wire across the border, but there is a distance between it and the blue line," NNA reported.

The operation was done “500 meters away from the confrontation which occurred between the Lebanese army and Israeli forces in al-Adayseh in 2010,” National News Agency reported.

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