Report: Possible new round of Saudi-French talks over Lebanon

A new round of consultations might be held between the French and the Saudis, al-Joumhouria newspaper reported Tuesday.

The daily said it has learned from Diplomatic sources in Paris that France and KSA are committed to helping Lebanon and that the consultations won't necessarly be held in Paris.

Other political sources told al-Joumhouria that although they haven't sensed positive signs regarding the Paris meeting, it is possible to see in the coming days a Saudi and French drive by Saudi and French Ambassadors to Lebanon Walid Boukhari and Anne Grillo.

Representatives of France, KSA, Qatar, the U.S. and Egypt had met in Paris in February to urge Lebanese leaders elect a president, end months of political wrangling and stem the financial meltdown.

Lebanon's divided lawmakers have made 11 unsuccessful attempts to name a new president and have not convened since January 19.

On Tuesday, the black market dollar exchange rate hit LBP 143,000, prompting protests and pushing pharmacies to shut their doors, as gas stations threatened to go on strike.

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