KSA daily: Lebanon to be rescued by Iran-backed Saudi-Syrian initiative

The Lebanese file was a priority on the agenda of the meeting that was held in Jeddah between Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Syrian President Bashara al-Assad, a Saudi newspaper reported on Thursday, expecting a return to the so-called S-S (Saudi Arabia-Syria) equation in Lebanon.

“The Saudi momentum will increase in the Lebanese file, with active Syrian and Iranian participation, based on the pivotal role that Saudi Arabia plays in the Arab world, which will become more established in the post-Arab Summit period,” al-Riyadh newspaper reported, quoting unnamed sources.

“The coming period will witness a Saudi-Syrian effort to resolve the Lebanese crisis calmly and wisely,” the daily added.

“The Arab- and Iranian-backed Saudi-Syrian drive is aimed at swiftly rehabilitating Lebanon politically and paving the way to rescue it economically,” the newspaper said.


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