Hezbollah, allies coordinate steps ahead of presidential vote

After Speaker Nabih Berri called for a presidential election session, Hezbollah and the Amal Movement launched coordinative meetings to study the steps and choices that can be taken in the face of the rival camp’s plan, a media report said.

“These meetings will expand to include the Marada Movement, seeing as tripartite meetings will be held between Hezbollah Secretary-General’s Political Aide Hussein al-Khalil, MP Ali Hassan Khalil and ex-minister Youssef Fenianos, in order to discuss the expected scenarios and the steps that can be taken,” al-Akhbar newspaper said.

Informed sources meanwhile told the daily that “all options are on the table, including boycotting the session or blocking quorum.”

“We know that (Jihad) Azour’s nomination is not serious and that its aim is to specify the sizes and reserve votes for Azour that would exceed those of Franjieh, something that (Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran) Bassil might use as a threatening card thinking that that would push the pro-Franjieh camp to back down from its nomination,” the sources added.

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