How many Israeli troops have been killed in Hezbollah's attacks?

Hezbollah announced overnight that it has carried out 105 attacks against Israeli posts on Lebanon’s border since October 8.

The attacks killed and wounded 120 soldiers and destroyed nine tanks, two personnel carriers and two Humvees, Hezbollah said in an infographic.

And while one Israeli drone was shot down, the attacks also destroyed 69 communication systems, 140 cameras, 17 jamming systems, 33 radars and 27 intelligence systems, Hezbollah added.

It also noted that its attacks from south Lebanon have forced the evacuation of 65,000 Israeli residents and 28 Israeli settlements in northern Israel.

Around 50 Hezbollah fighters have meanwhile been killed since the start of confrontations, according to previous Hezbollah statements.

Israel for its part has only acknowledged the death of three soldiers and one civilian in attacks on its north from southern Lebanon.

Source: Naharnet

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