The Future of Education: SchoolTec 2024 to kick off at Movenpick on March 7

Beirut has long been renowned for its pivotal educational role in the Middle East. It stands as the city where the most prominent Arab rulers pursued their education, and it has always been home to a great number of schools and universities. The Lebanese, known for their profound love of knowledge, consistently invest everything they can to provide their children with a quality education.

Today, Beirut, as we like to call it “the classroom of the Middle East”, is hosting the second edition of SchoolTec, “The National Trade Fair for Educational Supplies and Solutions”, drawing hundreds of attendees, including principals, coordinators, teachers, academic and non-academic staff members, IT managers, procurers, and parents, eager to gain knowledge about the most prominent educational solutions, technologies, and services.

SchoolTec is created and organized by EDUCITY, an institution that aims to organize exhibitions and conferences in the realms of education, culture, and art.

“The goal is to enrich citizens with unparalleled experiences that provide them with connections and knowledge, expanding their horizons and opening doors to opportunities in various fields,” EDUCITY said in a statement.

The journey began in 2014 with the “Lebanon Education Forum”, a platform addressing the issues of education and citizenship. Back then, the distinguished “Lebanon Career Expo” The National Recruitment Fair in Lebanon became a hallmark, hosting dozens of seminars and workshops annually, attracting thousands of attendees aiming to guide graduates to new opportunities in the country and beyond.

“Following this, we organized the ‘Arab Art Fair’, providing independent Arab artists with a gateway to promote their artworks to a wide audience of art enthusiasts. Building on many success initiatives, the ‘SchoolTec exhibition and conference’ has now entered its second consecutive year in Lebanon, aiming to become a national showcase for educational supplies and solutions,” EDUCITY said.

SchoolTec aims to highlight all the latest technologies in the field of education, fostering innovation, promoting collaboration among sector professionals, and empowering educational officials, school principals, coordinators, and teachers to explore cutting-edge solutions and services.

“SchoolTec aspires to become an important annual guide, facilitating the development of institutions and providing them with important means to achieve the ultimate goal: providing our children with a correct way and sound education while introducing them to modern technologies,” EDUCITY said.

Over the past year, following its inaugural edition, SchoolTec successfully acquainted visitors with a number of suppliers in educational technologies, stationery, mental arithmetic, robotics devices, interactive smart boards, training, school programs, and more. The conference, held in parallel with the exhibition, featured the participation of 18 educators who covered topics related to educational technologies, education management in times of crises, encouragement of children to read, and other pertinent subjects.

“At SchoolTec, we transition from Beirut the city, to Beirut, the bearer of an educational legacy that dates back to two hundred years with the founding of the region’s first school. Beirut remains a city of education, where discovering what the future holds for the country is always worth knowing,” EDUCITY added.

Principals, coordinators, IT specialists, teachers, professors, instructors and Non-Academic Staff in Universities are all invited to attend “SchoolTec 2024” the National Trade Fair for Educational Supplies and Solutions on March 7th and 8th, 2024 from 1 p.m. till 8 p.m. at Movenpick Hotel, Beirut – Lebanon.

“Let’s come together to create an exceptional event aimed at advancing education in the country and making tomorrow a better day. SchoolTec 2024 is coming to Beirut, the city of art, culture and education,” the statement said.

Source: Naharnet

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